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 “Something To Think About” - a collection of presentations, short stories, verses, and videos, with a moral or something to think about; for your class or school assembly or discussion; an excellent page just for browsing by yourself too! (130 pages)(Most popular page on this site.)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/assemblyindex.html
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Satellite Mapshttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/weather.html
These pages have continental weather forecast 
maps, world colour satellite and infra red images,
and an interactive cloud map of the world;  World Wide Emergency and Disaster Information Service, including Earthquakes, Volcanic Activity, Flash Floods, Biohazards and other Environmental Disasters. Includes “How To Survive An Earthquake”. (2 pages and 25 links) (4th most popular page.)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/weather.html
That haunting theme tune and enchanting 
musical score was part of a 13 part black and white dramatization syndicated in the U.S.A. in 1964 and first screened in Britain on BBC TV in 1965. It was repeated in the 1970's. For many years it has been etched in the consciousness of thousands of people who have fond memories of the series. (18 pages)
(3rd most popular page.)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoeindex.html
Find the time anywhere in the world in GMT Order or Alphabetical Order; Time Zone Maps and Codes, what they mean and compared to GMT;  Night and Day as it is now!! Daylight Saving Times; Also a FANTASTIC date and time Javascript clock can be found here. (9 pages) (2nd most popular page.)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/timezonesindex.html
These are some recipies that I have cooked myself and developed over the years. Included is a home made beefburger recipe where you can choose your own flavours, and experiment with them, or just make them plain. You could also try the “Sweet Dumplings with Sultanas”;  both are so easy to make. (22 pages.)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/recipiesindex.html
Birmingham is world-famous for its "Balti Triangle" just a few minutes from the City Centre where the Balti curry dish was first discovered in 1976. Recipes, maps, and information brochures can be downloaded here. (Just the 1 page!)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/baltitriangle.html
BBC TV Nostalgiahttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/nostalgia.html
Video clips of some of the best UK BBC TV programmes, series and serials, it’s pure nostalgia!! Includes the very last public performance of ABBA, (on BBC TV) “I Have A Dream” and the very last recording by ABBA, “The Day Before You Came”, in 1982. (14 pages)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/nostalgia.html
This is an index page of Optical Illusions, Games to play and to test your skills;
Puzzles, Quizes, Mad Movies, Jokes, Humorous Stories, Novelties and Factoids!! Well worth a visit.  Have some fun with the Tumbling Bears first - see below!! (38 pages)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/havefunindex.html
Classical Nostalgiahttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/nostalgia2.html
Video clips from pop to classical and opera, and the BBC Proms. This page also includes the Closing Ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics 2006 with a girls choir singing “The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves”. Wonderful!  (15 pages)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/nostalgia2.html
Symba, Tasha and Boots: my three gorgeous cats in and around the house and garden from 2008 and 2009; with a special link to a tribute page to “Tasha” who died on 2nd February 2011. Also, see my NEW kitten (29th June 2011). (6 pages)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/threecats.html
Some holiday photos of San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy. It is encircled by three walls and has at its highest point the ruins of a fortress dismantled in the 16th century. There are eight entrances into the city, set into the second wall, which dates from the 12th and 13th centuries. http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/sangimignano.html
This site comes to you from Harborne, Birmingham, UK and has been online since October 1995. Total pages to date: 459http://www.birmingham.gov.uk
Everything on this page is clickable, including the headings at the top!!http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/thankyou.html
“Life in the Good Times”  is dedicated to all those people who SURVIVED the 1960's, 70's and 80's; and to those who want to know what it was really like in those days!! Also on this page is an “Obituary to Common Sense” - mouring its loss and bringing the above up-to-date!  (1 page.)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/goodtimes.html
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“Birmingham City Centre 1964”. This is PURE NOSTALGIA!! I just had to include this video on my site. Featuring: The Bull Ring and Markets, New Street, Corporation Street and Digbeth. How things have changed since then!!http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/citycentre1964.html
That famous BBC 
TV Licence Adverthttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/tvlicenceadvert.html
The Bell Inn Harborne and the Bourne Brook  
Walkway - a nice walkhttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/walk.html
Nicole winning the European Song Contest in 1982 with “A Little Peace.”http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/esc1982.html
Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic! See more here.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/margarine.html
     LIVE Panda Cam at
           San Diego Zoo 

 and world-wide camshttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/pandacam.html
                My garden 

      through the seasons Click here for more photos.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/mygarden.html
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